oneMIND CHALLENGE - How can you leverage digital to maximise your customer experience?



Remind me, what is oneMIND?    

 What is the challenge?

Our inaugural challenge set by the Wealth Management and Private Banking sector, was to identify innovative digital solutions which could optimise customer experience whilst maintaining regulatory requirements.  This was particularly pertinent given the regulator’s continued focus on customer outcomes; the rise of the Millennials in the wake of the intergenerational wealth transfer; the migration to digital; and the search for value and differentiation.  

We had a number of ideas and solutions put forward, and ultimately we were looking for ideas which could help you differentiate and modernise your proposition; deepen share of wallet and client retention; and help with data capture and client segmentation.  

Click on the links below to get more information about the five ideas that made it through the final evaluation:

SOLUTION 1 - A platform that allows clients to engage with their wealth manager in realtime via audio, video or co-browsing via any device without the need to download an app or a plugin

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SOLUTION 2 - An all-encompassing, non-discriminatory retirement savings and investment platform that allows clients to transfer, contribute and invest – regardless of pension value or type, with the primary focus of making all pensions viewable, accessible and goal oriented 

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SOLUTION 3 - A platform that allows you to view, interact and manage all of your finances in one place, through proprietary technology

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SOLUTION 4 - An app that allows clients to access all of their finances in one place, with all the associated paperwork through a single login – bought together, automatically updated and organised and delivered under your brand 

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SOLUTION 5 - A platform that delivers an omni-channel experience across all users 
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If you would like any information about any of the five solutions get in touch with or call +44 (0) 1483 861 334