An app that allows clients to access all of their finances in one place, with all the associated paperwork through a single login...


... brought together, automatically updated and organised and delivered under your brand




What’s the big idea?

Some background – Most Private Wealth businesses have or are building a client portal to allow their clients to access their portfolio online.  Firms quickly find that clients initially love this but regular use by clients is low and there is very little return on the investment in this technology.

Clients are likely to use many providers to manage their finances either to spread their risk or access other financial services such as banking, property and insurances.  The client is forced to remember separate logins to each of these services and are often overwhelmed with paperwork from each provider.  

The big idea – moneyinfo have built an app to allow your clients to access all of their finances through a single login. All under your brand, making your business the primary relationship and financial interface for your clients.  

This app allows your clients to access all of their finances together with all of the associated paperwork through a single login. All of their finances bought together, automatically updated and organised and delivered under your brand.

How will it work? – The solution starts by allowing clients to access the investments you manage for them online and through the devices they use such as their tablets and mobile. We take the data from your systems and overlay it with data from third-party sources such as platforms and providers to give you an up-to-date and clean set of data to provide to your clients. We keep this data updated for you allowing you to outsource the problem of data management to us.

The app provides a dashboard of all of a client's finances not just the bits you manage. So you can see details of other wealth providers, property and insurances they are tracking through the app. Clients can add links to the other service providers they use such as other wealth managers and these are bought in to their app allowing them to see details of all of their investment holdings in one place from multiple sources.

Clients can then add their property using their house number and postcode and this can be tracked using Land Registry data to show them the date of purchase, what they paid and how much it's likely to be worth based on other sales in their area.

By simply dragging the file against the property the client can keep details of their property insurance and other important documents together in one place. Giving them peace of mind that should they need access to this information in an emergency it's immediately to hand even if all they have access to is their mobile.

Clients can link and securely view their statements online from their bank accounts, credit cards and store cards bought together and analysed for them to give them a helicopter view of their income and spending. Often this is the first time this information has been easily accessible for them and clients love the control it gives them, not to micro-manage their spending but keep a look out for incorrect or fraudulent transactions all from their mobile in seconds. You can use this accurate income and expenditure data within your planning.

A triggers and alerts framework highlights important stuff to you and your clients automatically. Be reminded of key events such as policy renewals, income payments, lifetime allowances etc. from the data entered improving financial outcomes for your clients and increasing new business opportunities for you.

Secure messaging provides reassurance to your clients that their important financial information is not being shared over email and making it easy to communicate with you.

Two-way document sharing allows your business to go paperless but more importantly removes the hassle of filing paperwork for your clients. You can deliver all of their paperwork electronically and your clients can access it whenever and wherever they need it. They can add any important paperwork such as their will, house deeds, insurance contracts and policy documents allowing reassurance that all of their key information is in one place should they or a dependent need it.

You solve the problem your clients want you to solve with an app in your brand that enables them to easily manage all of their finances.

The app provides the features you need to manage your client relationships more effectively and profitably than ever before.

How will this idea benefit and impact your business?

Your business becomes the primary financial interface for your clients to access their finances.  This will -

  • Increase client retention by making your clients financial life easier to manage;
  • Deepen the share of wallet by identifying held away assets that can be managed more effectively by you;
  • Help attract new clients by delivering a value added service over your competitors;
  • Remove costly and insecure communications and paperwork;
  • Enhance your 'Know Your Client' requirements via a self-updating, dynamic and accurate financial profile to identify what the client owns, owes, earns and spends;
  • Provide more effective communications targeted to different client segments based on net worth or other demographics;
  • Allow your business to scale and service more clients, more profitably; and
  • Meet the digital expectations of your clients and stakeholders.

What would it take to make this idea a reality?

moneyinfo are looking for engaged, forward thinking Private Wealth businesses that have the ambition to be the primary financial relationship and interface with their clients and have a drive to focus on adoption.

The risk of all client-facing technology is that clients won't use it and if it clients don't use it there is no payback. There's very little point in a digital strategy that doesn't make the client's life easier. So we are looking for great businesses that are truly focused on the client.

Why is this an original idea?

No other tech provider is 100% focused on building a client-facing app from the client's perspective able to be deployed under the Private Wealth managers own brand.  Current solutions are built from the back office outwards with the intention of making the wealth manager's services accessible rather than helping the clients solve the problem of multiple logins and communications. 

moneyinfo’s idea helps clients manage their total finances so your business achieves long term client retention, data insight and increased share of wallet. The idea creates a strong client experience whilst removing costly manual reporting processes and data feed management from your business.  In comparison, other wealth tech is solely focused on either reducing risk or operational efficiencies in isolation.

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