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Owen James seeks to provide a platform for strategic engagement within the finance sector: an opportunity for key individuals to discuss and understand the business and investment issues which are affecting the whole of their industry. The end game being to enable financial services firms to do better business - commercially, intelligently and ethically.


A Meeting of Minds...

For us it is all about the right people at the right level, discussing and shaping the financial services industry together in the right place.

The Meeting of Minds events platform serves four distinct financial services communities - Wealth Management and Private Banking, Financial Advisory, Retail Financial Services, Bank and Brand Distribution and Assset Management. 

  • For the Private Banking & Wealth Management Meeting and the Financial Advisory Meeting the invited audience is at CEO and CIO level
  • For the Retail Financial Services sessions, the audience are typically senior decision-makers with responsibility for overseeing their company's strategy with regard to forming partnerships with product and service providers to enhance their Financial Services offering. They are typically drawn from disciplines affecting product development, distribution, client insight and marketing
  • For Asset Management they are CEO, COO and Heads of Retail Distribution from asset management with an interest in addressing current and future trends affecting their own businesses and the industry as a whole.

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WealthTech Matters...

Launched in 2020, Owen James partnered with The Wealth Mosaic to create a series of triannual events for key decision makers from the Private Wealth industry. Each are themed and discover and discuss technology solutions that solve key challenges facing their business. 

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Breakfast Briefings

In addition to the core Meeting of Minds within the Wealth Management Community, Owen James run a series of quarterly Breakfast Briefings for the following communities:

  1. Chief Operating Officers
  2. Philanthropy
  3. Chief Financial Officers
  4. Heads of Financial Planning 
  5. HR Directors

These sessions are Chatham House and short, sharp and to the point briefings and discussions.




Red Folder Events

Red Folder offers the total event management solution. It can deliver all elements of your event requirements, from identifying and inviting the audience, to delivering an awesome event experience.

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