Event Delegate

Get involved as a Delegate at one of our events

The key to a successful event, whether it is A Meeting of Minds, WealthTech Matters, a Breakfast Briefing or one of our more bespoke events, is the quality of audience.  For a genuine exchange of strategic thinking you need to be amongst your financial services peers and these events are typically geared to the needs of senior management setting business and investment strategy. 

The Owen James team therefore carries out a substantial amount of research to ensure that the right people are invited to the right event to discuss the right stuff in the right setting. Participation is by invitation only.

If you would like to be considered for an invitation, do please go to the relevant event page and follow the application process.


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Pre event 

Once you have accepted your invitation to participate you will be kept up to speed with the shaping of the agenda to be addressed on the day. Indeed it is viewed as a collaborative exercise and at Owen James Events we are keen to receive your input.

You will always be given the opportunity to bespoke your day. We appreciate that as senior business men and women your time is precious and we need to ensure the time you spend with us is tailored to satisfy your individual focus.

You will be asked to provide certain profiling data for inclusion within the event app. This is to ensure that you are fully briefed on your fellow participants – to maximise the networking opportunity on the day as well as facilitate post event follow up conversations.


On the day

The Meeting of Minds programme should be viewed as a strategic engagement. Addressing a thoroughly researched agenda, the day is a series of small roundtable groups addressing the industry and business subjects interspersed with provocative keynotes and plenty of high level networking.

WealthTech Matters is a series of events which each focuses on a different business challenge. It combines keynote speakers, TED talk style presentations, roundtables and networking allowing delegates to leave both inspired and informed, but also with potential solutions. 

Breakfast Briefings provide a short sharp and relevant update on a key theme relevant to the gathered grouping. The grouping is typically made up of individuals with the same role and therefore facing the same challenges.

Red Folder events are tailored to respond to the needs of Owen James’ client. Clients who have worked with us on this basis include MoneySupermarket.com, Distribution Technology, Just Retirement and many more.


All our events do however share a “feel”. Key elements are the opportunity to:  

  • Address issues from a strategic perspective and influence industry thinking
  • Hear new thinking from experts – both industry and external
  • Share best practice
  • Gain exclusive access to community research data
  • Explore business development opportunities and of course
  • Network at the highest level

Post event 

Our goal is always to keep the conversation going, and the Owen James Events app will enable you to do just that. If there are outputs from the roundtables these will be published and if action is called for Owen James Events will ensure that action is facilitated.


If you have any further questions about participating in our events, we would of course be delighted to hear from you so please do call us on 01483 861334 or