Get involved and sponsor one of our events

Why sponsor an event? 

There are several reasons for choosing to sponsor one of our events: 

  • To raise awareness of your brand and proposition with a view to doing business post event
  • To learn more about the market and meet the key players within it
  • To ensure you are strategically aligned with potential clients
  • To gain access to unparalleled networking opportunities
  • To be seen to be supportive of a particular segment of an industry

These events serve many distinct FS communities, primarily: 

- Wealth Management & Private Banking
- Gatekeepers
- Advisory Distributors
- Winning Advisers
- B
rand Distribution of Retail Financial Services – including banks and brands
Asset Management

Partnering an event offers: 

  • Consultative support from Owen James to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your involvement
  • Networking at the highest level - one-to-one meetings, speed networking, build relationships with key associates and potential business partners
  • Market testing topics - support and advice regarding roundtable topics
  • Contact details and profiling intelligence on your fellow participants to ensure you are prepared for the high level strategic engagement on the day
  • Brand awareness – extensive exposure during the event’s six month timeframe
  • Online business tools - access to event app and event delegates
  • White paper marketing collateral - an all-inclusive fee enabling clear cut budget
  • Post event support to ensure you achieve the ever important ROI
  • Strategic and market insight - summary of findings that identify industry challenges
  • Inducement busting

Now into its seventeenth year, Owen James has a proven track record of fielding audiences and strategic thinking of the highest quality. 

If you would like to discuss this further or set up a meeting to hear more, please contact James Goad jamesgoad@owenjamesgroup.com or danielgilmore@owenjamesgroup.com 

- Sponsorship opportunities for 2023


To view the full sponsorship package available for each division please click on relevant link from the list below.

Please note the lower value is published, early booking discounts, multiple event packages and strategic partnership options are available – upon request. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to pitch product, 'A Meeting of Minds' events are probably not right for you. They are more about the right people discussing the right stuff with the goal of doing better business in every sense of the word.  

What to expect?..

Watch our event video, filmed at the March 2019 Bank & Brand Distribtuion of Retail Financial Services, to give you an idea of what to expect and the calibre of those that attend and sponsor please click in the image below.  


Or want us to run a bespoke event on your behalf? See our Red Folder offering - click here