A Meeting of Minds

Retail Event - April 2015 - Roundtable

All about the right people at the right level, discussing and shaping the financial services industry together in the right place.

A Meeting of Minds events platform serves four distinct financial services communities:

Wealth Management & Private Banking

Financial Advisory

Brand Distribution of Retail Financial Services

Asset Management

For the Wealth Management and Private Banking Meeting and the Financial Advisory Meeting the invited audience is at CEO and CIO level.

For the Brand Distribution of Retail Financial Services, the audience are typically senior decision-makers with responsibility for overseeing their company's strategy with regard to forming partnerships with product and service providers to enhance their Financial Services offering. They are typically drawn from disciplines affecting product development, distribution, client insight and marketing.

Asset Management brings together Chief Executive Officers & Chief Operating Officers with an interest in addressing current and future trends affecting their own businesses and the industry as a whole.


Why should you take part in A Meeting of Minds?

These Meetings offer you the chance to:  

  •          Gather strategic insight and explore business development opportunities  
  •          Review best practice solutions
  •          Hear new thinking from industry experts
  •          Network at the highest level
  •          Influence industry thinking
  •          Understand new customer trends
  •          Gain exclusive access to community research
  •          Be involved in an agenda for change both at a personal and at a corporate level.


A Meeting of Minds is structured around:

  •          A series of board room style meetings addressing the pre-research and pre-agreed agenda
  •          An open discussion - led by objective and professional moderators
  •          External speakers to invigorate the thinking
  •          Plenty of opportunities for both structured and unstructured networking.
  •          Chatham House Rules rule!


What’s the pre-event plan?

We will setup one-to-one meetings (either on the phone or face to face) with each of our participants to establish an understanding of their key issues and concerns at that time. This input will be fed into what is termed the “Working Document”.

At the beginning of the cycle, we will also carry out a substantive quantitative research exercise - The Scene Setter. This will be a combination of both current and ongoing issues - so that over time we can track industry trends. These responses will be analysed, published in full and will be fed into the Meeting’s agenda to ensure it is truly dynamic.



The outputs:

  • The Findings - The full results of the Scene Setter Research together with the detailed outputs from the Meetings are published (under Chatham House Rules ie anonymously) as the Findings.
  • An Executive Summary of the Findings will be published for the benefit of the press and other members of the industry. This is used to demonstrate the relevance and importance of the Meeting of Minds concept: it is imperative that they are not perceived as talking shops, more as opportunities to anticipate and shape the future of the industry.



The follow up:

Where there is the potential for follow up activity and where there is an appetite, Owen James will act as a facilitator. This may take the form of research, setting up a working party or organising a breakfast briefing.


How is it funded?

Some 12 companies who are looking to partner with our participants to distribute their products and/or services fund the Meeting. They will be taking part with the goal of better understanding what is going on in the market place and ensuring that they know what they have to do to keep up with your needs. They understand that the Meeting is not a ‘selling’ environment – more an opportunity to ensure their business strategy is aligned with yours. 

Interested in sponsoring an event? Click here to read about all the benefits and unparalleled networking opportunities. 


Want to know more?

  • The Meetings are held biannually and typically last from breakfast through to drinks in the evening*
  • The venues for the Meetings are fine hotels with a reputation for offering a discreet and very high level of service ensuring a relaxed and professional atmosphere
  • All participants are given the opportunity to select the roundtable sessions they want to take part in and receive a personalised itinerary in advance
  • These are open discussions – led by objective and professional facilitators
  • External speakers provide short provocative presentations to invigorate the thinking - the vision of the future
  • White Papers. The idea is that the conversations on the day should be set against an informed background - so all participants are encouraged to field papers which add value to the discussions
  • An Event File is produced to include comprehensive information on all participants and the companies they represent, enabling all to be fully briefed on who else will be there
  • Opportunities for both structured and unstructured networking are incorporated throughout the day.

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*Advisory Distributors and Winning Advisers incorporate a dinner and overnight stay as well.