About us

Owen James was incorporated in the summer of 2005. Its goal was to introduce a new way of doing business. Instead of the traditional hard sell – the transactional approach to events – we wanted to create a platform for strategic engagement.

To discuss issues which were affecting the whole of the industry; to challenge the status quo and seek solutions to enable firms to do better business.

In addition we wanted to create events which provided a vision of the future and which provided inspiration.


A Meeting of Minds

Nearly ten years on this platform, which we call A Meeting of Minds, enables firms who are keen to engage with their key distribution channel to do so in a subtle and enlightening manner. Underpinned by substantial research into the different parties taking part, this platform is geared to ensuring a satisfactory return on investment – both financial and also of time.

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We are evolving! Building on and out from this established platform, we would like to stretch the Mind analogy and introduce you to Mindful of, Piece of Mind and indeed Peace of Mind!!

Mindful Of

As we look across the different channels, there are certain themes which dominate for a period of time. For example there has been the regulatory impetus towards articulating how firms embed a good culture within their organisations; the radical pensions reform; and the digitisation of financial services.

Leveraging our substantial Meeting of Minds relationships,we are able to bring together those decision makers within the industry focused on these different areas. Adopting an academic approach, Mindful of is a day of lectures and tutorials drilling down into these different themes.  We like the lean in approach,so this new programme will be structured to allow the class to really question our lecturers and tutors - an intense day of learning which will attract CPD points. The goal of the day is to enable everyone to leave the building armed with a much deeper knowledge of the subject, mentally stimulated and clutching hard copy solutions.

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Piece of Mind

In the run up to all Owen James' events, a substantial amount of research is carried out with the different participants to ensure a clear understanding of the issues at the top of their to do list.

Where appropriate, they are also asked to provide company profiling data to enable Owen James to publish a snapshot of the industry at a moment in time.

During the events themselves, the roundtable discussions are written up anonymously (Chatham House Rules rule!).

This substantial body of research is termed "A Piece of Mind".

At Owen James, we believe capturing that Piece of your Mind is absolutely crucial to providing a relevant and worthwhile engagement for all parties. Time is precious - we must make sure it is well-spent.

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Peace of Mind

Ok - maybe wearying of the analogy by now...  but there is more to come!

Peace of Mind is all about coming up with ways in which we can help you solve your problems. Trying desperately hard to avoid the use of the word solution, A Peace of Mind will offer access to experts be they trainers, mentors or professional advisers.