Turning ideas into action - A CROWD GENERATED SOLUTION


"If you want to start something new, you have to stop something old" Peter Drucker




What is it?

  • Building on A Meeting of Minds, Owen James is excited to announce the launch of oneMIND.  A digital platform for financial services to table their biggest challenges, and by tapping into the ‘crowd’ identify the best actionable ideas and solutions - as well as fostering best practice. 

Why are we doing this?

  • Over a decade ago we launched A Meeting of Minds to provide a platform for the financial services industry to be inspired and to work through the biggest challenges facing their businesses. The end goal was always to identify areas where collectively we could try to drive change forward.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate effectively in such a fast paced world of rising cost income ratio, regulatory overload, evolving digital and customer requirements and volatile markets.
  • Therefore, by digitising our proposition and working with a number of strategic partners we have created a platform to help businesses become more innovative and ensure you are identifying the best solutions or ideas in the market.  We want to start a revolution!

"Change is the law of life, and those who only look in the past or present are certain to miss the future" John F Kennedy


How will oneMINDwork?

  • The concept is simple.. an online platform to act as a catalyst for innovation – from idea submission, to evaluation and finally, selection.


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  • Ultimately we will be able to feed any challenges through the platform - whether they are geopolitical, regulatory, technology, product or people driven.
  • Once ideas and solutions have been submitted by the crowd, they will be evaluated by an Advisory Board and the best ideas will be presented back to the industry or businesses individually.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can anyone submit a challenge? – Absolutely, however we are initially only looking to submit one challenge a month.
  2. How public is this platform? – In a dream world we would love for this platform to be open to allow members an opportunity to add their own comments to ideas. However, we do not live in a perfect world and we understand that whether it’s down to compliance or a nervousness about competitors seeing your idea, there may be a reticence to post ideas openly.  Therefore we have an option for challenges to be posted privately and they will only be presented to the industry if they make the cut.
  3. How will Owen James look to monetise this? – Being completely transparent, we will look for an introduction fee from any ideas or solutions that are put forward and adopted by businesses. There is no cost to submit an idea… the more the merrier!  We will also be introducing a small Meeting of Minds membership fee for distributors which will include full access to events; content; and of course the platform.
  4. How will Owen James select and present the best ideas and solutions? – We want to remain completely neutral, so will be putting together an Advisory Board of figure heads from leading distributors (not providers) and therefore with no axe to grind. Nobody likes a sales-pitch, so we will also ask our Advisory Board to present their rationale behind their decision.
  5. How time consuming is it to submit an idea? – Time is money. Think of this as a two stage process.  Initially we simply want the basic concept of your idea or solution, and why you think it ticks the right boxes.  If it stands out from the crowd and makes it through to the final round, we will ask for more detail. 

"An absolutely news idea is one of the rarest things known to man" Sir Thomas More 


Who are the crowd – or the ‘idea generators' as we like to call them?

Ultimately we want you to be part of the solution and are looking to recruit you as an idea generator.  We are looking to generate ideas from the  


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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" Steve Jobs


How else can we help you innovate?

It’s all very well coming up with great ideas but maybe you need help implementing them or even identifying the areas in your business which are holding you back.  Well fear not, we have a couple of other solutions that may help:

    • We are delighted to announce the launch of the “Wealth Management Accelerated Innovation Program” in partnership with Fintech Circle
    • This program of activity is a six month programme and is an accelerated journey into the future of wealth management.  The first Program will begin in April 2017 and will include:
      1. An immersion into the innovation challenges and opportunities as well as insights into investment patterns and players in Fin/Wealth/RegTech, and relevant regulatory and risk management considerations of both process and outcomes.
      2. Identification of key capability gaps and challenges based on 1-2 strategic imperatives.
      3. A recommendation of relevant innovative WealthTech solutions based on market scan.
      4. The future of Wealth Management  - an evening with 3 of the top WealthTech innovators and a showcase of their solutions.


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2.   INNOVATION PULSE – An opportunity to benchmark the current state of innovation in your business and identify hot       spotsripe for change?

    • If you are looking for an innovation health check, then “Innovation Pulse” could be for you. 
    • Innovation Pulse is a comprehensive survey to assess the current state of innovation in your business. There is no cost to take part and we have put this together in partnership with Wazoku.  The assessment evaluates your company across the five core pillars of innovation Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Process & Tools.  It is a comprehensive, customisable survey that can be shared company wide and will provide you with interactive reports to understand responses across demographic factors including years of service, job function, geography, role and more.  However more importantly it will provide downloadable results summaries and recommendations for innovation improvement.

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 If you are interested in finding out more, please contact James Goad at Owen James on   +44 (0) 1483 861334 or