A platform that allows clients to engage with their Wealth Manager in real time via audio, video or co-browsing via audio...


A platform that allows clients to engage with their Wealth Manager in real time via audio, video or co-browsing via audio, video or co-browsing via any device without the need to download an app or a plugin.



What’s the big idea?

This is a communication solution that interacts between high value customers and their Wealth Managers, allowing both to move to audio or video conversations – live or scheduled.  Live chat, audio or video sessions will also include collaboration features such as screen share, co-browse, file transfer, e-signature, video push.  

The solution will enable asynchronous sharing of all kinds of documents in a fully secure way in both directions between Client and the Wealth Manager. The Client will have the profile of their Wealth Manager available on their web page, with all communication options – live when possible, asynchronous otherwise – and have the capacity to evaluate their Wealth Manager.  

Assuming the Wealth Manager has access to specific experts and advisers, they will be able to put the client directly in communication with the relevant expert via group messaging or three-way video calls.  The Wealth Manager will also have access to these messaging features from their secure environment along with the appropriate dashboards to their customer portfolios and the ability to search within the conversations. 

The business’ management team will also able to monitor their Wealth Manager team activity using KPIs such as time to respond and client surveys, plus have easy access to aggregated content of conversations. 

How will this idea benefit and impact your business?

  • Increased personalized engagement with the client.
  • Increased efficiency for both the client and Wealth Manager when accessing and exchanging relevant products and documentation.

What would it take to make this idea a reality?

Senior management teams to allocate sufficient resources to undertake rapid POC testing.

Why is this an original idea?

This solution offers live dynamic monitoring to detect the client's environment, device and bandwidth which then dictates in real-time whether certain devices such as video should be offered to the client at that precise moment – ensuring optimized customer experience.

As all engagements are / can be recorded, both the client and the Wealth Manager are protected.

If you want to know more about this solution contact jamesowen@owenjamesgroup.com or call him on + 44 (0) 01483 862 691