Creating a moment that delights – the perfect customer experiences

Retail Financial Services

James Goad

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With market apathy, the impact of regulation and a lack of prioritisation from executive leadership creating the perfect customer experience is challenging. Yet consumer engagement and experience are paramount to longevity. So who is delighting the customer and how are they going about this?


  • Key to have clarity on where banks should focus – where we are plugging in value.
  • Good client experience only works from the top – leadership chain.
  • It has to be developed fully from idea though to operating model, design and execution.
  • Seen as a priority now in many businesses.
  • Recruiting staff with the right attitude is crucial to ensure culture is focused on delivering of good client experience.
  • Staff need to be engaged.

Key issues and challenges

  • Delivery of consistency is difficult if you are dependent on large numbers of staff through branches, easier through digital.
  • Aligning executive leadership to prioritise client experience is not easy.
  • Customers know what good experience is by other markets.
  • Apathy is still huge in new challenge style banks. Banks are challenged to grow scale quickly enough.
  • For established banks with branches to leverage good client experience in branch and translate to digital.
  • Ultimately change is leveraging technology for transitional products and face to face for others.
  • Regulation has an impact in FS client experience and part of the reason why it’s not as good as it should be.
  • New challenge and Fintech have advantage with no legacies but traditional companies have scale and good experience.

Conclusions and solutions

  • Clarity of vision
  • Leadership – they must buy into it
  • Bank branches still have a role to play, pure digital solutions are unlikely to be the only success in the future.
  • Challenge banks focus on single solution which are made easy to engage with lack of legacy system but apathy by customers mean they won’t change unless their traditional bank fails them repeatedly.
  • Equally traditional banks are trying to look at ways of improving the client experience but it’s more evolution than transformation.
  • Prioritisation of client experience as a business move will only happen if all leadership aligned on its priority.
  • To deliver good client experience, it needs to be developed end to end.
  • Lots of research can often confuse exec! It’s important to have less research but much higher quality that aids business decisions.
  • Motivating and recruiting staff with the right attitude is important to ensure client experience improves.