Attractive Behaviours - The changing needs and expectations of investors

14 March 2024

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Expert: Elemi Ategolo, Managing Partner, Consult Venture Partners Facilitator: Darshita Gillies, CEO & Founder, Maanch


  1. Social media platforms and online communities like Reddit's WallStreetBets have enabled retail investors to coordinate and cause events like the GameStop short squeeze
  2. Wealth management firms are leveraging AI tools to extract insights from messy client data and provide personalized portfolio allocations
  3. Firms must understand and adapt to attract this next wave of clients


A discussion on the changing landscape of investing and asset management driven by new technologies and investor categories like millennials. Key topics include social media sentiment analysis, AI and machine learning for customization, generational differences in values and behaviours, emerging digital platforms and business models.

Analysis of case studies like GameStop and stresses are needed to understand these shifts.

The impact of social media and online communities demonstrates the power of mobilising new investor categories through technology and matching their values.

Using AI and machine learning for customisation caters to demands for customisation from millennial and Gen Z investors. Millennials and Gen Z have different needs and behaviours like wanting app-based investing, alignment with values, and advice from social media influences rather than traditional advisors.

Emergence of new digital investment platforms:
Digital investment platforms like Robinhood and Wealthsimple are gaining huge user bases and assets under management globally. Their business models focus more on user growth than profitability to capture the wider capital allocation pool.

Utilising generative AI technologies:
Traditional firms, including BlackRock, are launching AI-powered co-pilots to offer customised services, highlighting the importance of firms to continually educate themselves about the latest technologies to maintain pace with the evolving AI landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Analyse client social media data to understand sentiment, trends and emerging investor values
  • Research AI tools for extracting insights from unstructured client data to improve s
  • Survey younger investors on key needs and preferences compared to current client base
  • Test digital client engagement channels like apps, co-pilots and influencer partnerships