Valuable Oversight - Navigating Short-Term Distractions to uphold Clients' Long-Term Goals

Financial Advisory

25 April 2024

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Expert: William Marshall, CIO, Hymans Robertson Investment Services Facilitator: John Chapman, Catalyst Partners


  1. The importance of consistent communication, education, and trust-building
  2. An investment philosophy focused on long-term thinking, predictable outcomes, and robust processes, emphasising the benefits of long-term investing and the use of data and tools to reinforce this message.
  3. Challenges include overcoming behavioural biases that lead clients to make emotional investment decisions
  4. The importance of engaging communication tools, training adviser teams, and quantifying the value advisers provide in keeping clients invested
  5. Emphasis was placed on demonstrating value for money to clients, particularly in light of regulatory requirements and increased transparency


The session delved into strategies for maintaining long-term client investments, overcoming behavioural biases, and demonstrating value for money. Advisers discussed communication challenges, managing client expectations, and ensuring clients stay focused on long-term goals.

An investment philosophy, emphasising robust strategies, consistent communication, and transparent value demonstration was presented, with regulatory requirements and the evolving financial advice landscape also addressed.

A discussion on effective strategies for maintaining long-term client investments in the face of market uncertainties and behavioural biases aimed to provide insights into client communication, value demonstration, and regulatory compliance, fostering stronger client-adviser relationships and enhancing investment outcomes.

Keeping clients invested for the long-term:
The importance of consistent communication, education, and trust-building to ensure clients remain focused on their long-term financial goals was emphasised, along with long-term thinking and robust investment processes.

Overcoming behavioural biases:
The discussion highlighted challenges in overcoming behavioural biases that influence clients' emotional investment decisions. There is a need for engaging communication tools, adviser training, and evidence-based approaches to demonstrate the value of staying invested.

Demonstrating value for money:
The session underscored the significance of demonstrating value for money to clients, especially in light of regulatory requirements. A value for money framework to assess product quality, performance, and fees, emphasising the need for consistent value communication was also presented.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop engaging communication tools - Create materials to reinforce the benefits of long-term investing to help clients stay focused on their financial goals
  • Implement consistent value for money communication - Utilise performance reporting, fee transparency, and detailed explanations of investment processes to demonstrate value to clients effectively
  • Provide ongoing training - Support adviser teams with training to ensure consistent messaging and effective communication with clients, particularly during market volatility
  • Utilise engaging formats - Explore video communication and other engaging formats to enhance client understanding and engagement with investment updates
  • Review and update value frameworks - Regularly update value for money frameworks and processes to meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices