The twentieth Meeting of Minds Advisory Distributors took place on 1 December 2015 at The Berkeley Hotel, London. This document summarises the key issues raised in the topics discussed during the roundtables that took place on the day. This Meeting brings together representatives from the top sixty Advisory Distributors in the UK and operates two streams:

  • The CEO stream - those individuals who set the overall business strategy for the firm - be it a national, large regional or network;
  • The CIO stream - those involved in setting their firm’s investment strategy in terms of the products and funds they market to their clients.

Participants enjoy access to strategic insight, active involvement in shaping the industry and networking at the highest level.

These Meetings are a blend of boardroom style sessions addressing a pre-researched and pre-agreed agenda with open discussions led by objective professional moderators; keynote presentations provided by external speakers whose remit is to spark debate and encourage fresh and original thinking; all topped off with networking – both structured and unstructured.

The next Meeting will take place on Tuesday 28 June 2016 at Tylney Hall in Hampshire.  To find out more about taking part, please contact: Emily Landless on 01483 861334 or email her at

This Report
The Roundtable Sessions were moderated by:

• David Ingram - Aim Two Three LLP
• Sarah Thwaites - BP&E Global
• Rod Bryson - Capgemini Consulting
• Malcolm Kerr – EY
• Tarryn Grant - EY
• Lawrence Emm - Independent Freelance Business Consultant
• Jeremy Oakley - KPMG LLP
• Colette Dunn - Milliman UK
• Roderic Rennison - Rennison Consulting Limited
• Innes Miller - Scydonia Wealth Markets Consulting

We are very grateful for the time and energy they have expended on making A Meeting of Minds Advisory
Distributors a success and hope you will consider this report an interesting, thought-provoking and accessible
read. As ever your feedback is much appreciated.
We would also like to thank the independent experts who were part of the sessions for sharing their
knowledge and giving us their time and energy both in the run up and on the day.

The Findings


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SHOWING 1 - 5 of 117