Achieving investor aims – Clients are their own worst enemy, so how can we work together to keep them in their seats?

Financial Advisory

21 April 2016

Financial Advisory



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Facilitated and written by: Jeremy Oakley - KPMG
Richard Lloyd - UBS

Headline Finding 1:

Investor returns are naturally influenced by investor behaviours.

Headline Finding 2:

New generation of drawdown investors need to take account of ‘sequencing of returns’ risk.

Headline Finding 3:

Advised clients more governed by achieving returns shown in cash flow forecast.

Headline Finding 4:

It is hard and/or expensive for options-based structured solutions to replicate adviser oversight for smoothing returns.

Headline Finding 5:

Pensions Freedom offers great opportunity for structured decumulation products.

Investor education needs to improve: 6-8% drawdown is not sustainable.