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Charlie Martin

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  • Some firms do have planned growth as part of their business plans even though many see growth as
    organic and something that just happens
  • Growth is just one factor and efficiency is the other key metric
  • Managing capacity is a challenge for many firms both in terms of clients but also their time to work on
    the business
  • Firms are looking at ways to ‘ring fence’ their liabilities as they grow. No clear path but something they
    are conscious of
  • Many firms keen on looking at internal sale/ownership at some stage in the future to help them realise

Key Issues and Challenges

  • As a business grows, keeping a handle on how efficient it is can be very time consuming. Reviewing
    systems, IT etc is a massive task and one not many undertake
  • Most firms would prefer to buy just the assets of a firm so they do not take on any liabilities, however
    this does not always tie in with what the seller wants
  • Client acquisition was something most were thinking of but it ‘felt like a lot of effort’ and many firms
    were concerned with their capacity to look after more clients

Conclusion and Solutions:

  • Smaller firms have significant time restraints to spend on their business as they are working so hard in
  • Growth seems to happen in many cases organically but some firms do plan for it
  • Efficiency is difficult to keep on top of as you grow
  • Firms in general are in good health and growing does not seem to be an issue for the majority of them

Steven Greenfield and David Jones, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd

Martyn Laverick, Soprano Consulting