How did your company fare? Needs must!

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How did your company fare? Needs must! The key is what comes next. Personalisation at scale is the name of the game

Experts:          Andrew Back, Chief Commercial Officer, Multrees
Facilitator:     Paul Miles, Founder, Silverback Consultancy 


State of play

  • 75% of FS businesses have been negatively impacted by CV19 but firms have, and are, adapting quickly, and reviewing their operating systems
  • Seeing a move towards Wealth Management and Financial Adviser firms integrating
  • Firms are looking to build value by adopting technology to allow scale
  • Technology can facilitate personalisation at scale
  • Potential to create a private bank model
  • We must adapt to new client expectation

Key challenges

  • Cost of implementation
  • Pain of switching technology
  • When to make the investment to incorporate more digital into the business
  • How to deliver different types of service
  • 47% of market still do not use digital signatures


  • Price and disruption to switch platforms can be prohibitive so need to consider new entrants
  • Listen to what your clients want
  • Evaluate your existing tech partners to make sure they have the right product and skills to support your business now, and in the future
  • If you don’t make a decision to become more digital now, you will get further and further behind the service offered by your peers
  • Implement technology that can be bespoke to your business