Companies with a highly engaged workforce are more profitable

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What sort of people are you looking to hire and what are you offering them that makes you so special?


  • With employment levels at record highs, good candidates are hard to come by, and recruitment criteria and processes have inevitably had to change
  • "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”- Richard Branson
  • What differentiates the successful from the non-successful candidates is their alignment to the company’s values
  • To succeed, employees need to translate their skills into motivation driven by purpose and vision
  • Once firms do hire the right talent, appropriate remuneration and reward policies are in place, the attraction, development and retention of key talent requires on-going focus on the human dynamics

Key Issues and Challenges:

  • Be clear and honest on who you are as a firm and define your Employee Value Proposition to recruit effectively. Simon Sinek uses ‘The Golden Circle’ to define why some companies or people inspire and some can’t
  • An EVP – an employee value proposition.  It doesn’t have to be complex, but it does define what people will receive in return for what they bring to a company
  • Consider what makes an individual join your firm over someone else’s.  A minority of companies have a vision and values. A smaller percentage can quote them
  • Purpose is a key driver of employee engagement.  We want people to give of their best at work, be committed to what they do and the company.  A LinkedIn study says purpose driven people are 30% more likely to be high performers and 50% likely to be promoters of the company
  • Do you know how engaged your workforce are?  Deloitte’s research says a quarter of UK employees admit they aren’t performing at their best.  Culture Amp showed that in 2017 those firms with above median engagement see significant share price growth in a 12-month period

Conclusion and Solutions:

  • As Branson says, ‘train people well enough to leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’
  • Direct hire: You want your employees to become brand advocates, however big or small you are, your people become champions on Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc.  Get people to promote your vacancies
  • Onboarding: it’s not just induction!

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