The best of both worlds: how real life marketing can take your business forward

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Charlie Martin

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  • 'Digital' works like media
  • In essence, no difference to the BBC
  • It's all about the content
  • All of us are running a media business in some form
  • Forrester Research has recently reported that 94% of B2B transactions start with an on-line search
  • 88% of B2C transactions start with an on-line search
  • To generate success you have to produce content

Key Issues and Challenges:

  • Consumer facing businesses which are typically anonymous to their customers must take Brand very seriously because there’s no personal sale involved. You wouldn’t bump into a Coca Cola salesperson down the aisles at Tesco...
  • Understand the importance of planning. Build a time line of important events throughout the year (World cup, fund launches, Olympics and elections for example) and then produce content linked to these with a focused outcome on education and added value
  • Example plan:

    • Produce 50-60 1x minute videos in a day
    • Professional camera crew including 3-4 cameras would cost around £3-4k including editing
    • Include interviews
    • Culminating in 6x months worth of content if 2+ videos uploaded/promoted per week! If the cost is too high, an iphone can still do a good job but always invest in a separate tripod and mic

  • UK advisers are F2F ‘sales & people led’ professional services businesses. However even businesses like this are becoming more and more anonymous to their customers in the main, due to the fact that most transactions start with an on-line search. It is important to understand this for both new and existing clients around service levels, education and reporting
  • Print is now extremely expensive, however from a commercial perspective it is vital businesses embrace digital marketing, which does not have to be in print
  • Thought leadership is a key part of content production so consider the following:

    • A weekly, monthly or quarterly 2 x minute video to engage with both existing and prospective clients
    • The demographic you are wanting to appeal too
    • Take all nuance out of contexto
    • Make a stand!
    • All content is 'pre-selling'
    • Segmenting content is also key
    • Understand your brand - what does it stand for?

Conclusion and Solutions:

  • There is no such thing as free marketing and having presence across a broad range of media channels is also vital
  • Facebook targeting capability is second to none. It is an inexpensive way to push out content and build following/serve clients as Facebook data and analytics are amazing

    • Download one of the many apps which help produce a Facebook video with subtitles
    • No more than a 45 second video.
    • Clever title.
    • Link to landing page.
    • Utilising Google analytics

  • Paying is the only way to go
  • Key areas to consider when producing video content:
    • Narrative sells, so tell a story
    • Keep it interesting an engaging
    • Most importantly keep it about ‘people’
    • Extend your reach and value through social media sharing
    • Keep the idea of ‘Building Community’ through each video
    • Include shared values and interests where possible
    • Get attention!

  • Most important aspect of all of this activity is getting attention!

Grant Leboff, Stick Marketing

Dave Beacham, Independent