Attracting the investors of the future

James Goad

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There has been insufficient time spent looking at the future customer base – however the consensus was that it is very difficult due to factors such as Brexit to make things unclear.


Millennial generations are due to inherit more than any other generation – the sector has to engage with them on a specific level, looking at the importance of investing to the future instead of spending it on holidays etc.

Views and wants of younger generations haven’t changed over time – the key is to still try and impact the way they behave and think ‘Investing’ as a term doesn’t work – sounds too complex and technical – millennials aren’t engaging with it.

Key issue and challenges

A few factors key to attract younger investors:

  • Flexibility
  • Mass market
  • Technology
  • Product has to be relevant to them
  • Have an emotional angle to it
  • Make it tangible

 Intergeneration wealth

  • More needs to be done to advise families how to share wealth across generations and best advice should go with this
  • More should be done in the U.S around succession planning – meaning having wealth for the future ought to be better understood by younger people in the US
  • Role of the millennial in family life very important – introducing tech and social channels to older generations

Conclusions and solutions

Too much change in the industry is making it harder for younger investors to get engaged e.g launch of too many types of ISA.

Might be good to see a major disrupter join the AM sector e.g. Google to target investors – may help jump start firms better engage with them.