Winning Advisers - North

Aspire, Infirmary Street, Leeds

27 April 2017

A Meeting of Minds Winning Advisers North - April 2017

A Meeting of Minds Winning Advisers North - April 2017

  • 27 Apr 2017

    Aspire, Infirmary Street, Leeds

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Bringing Winning Advisers together..

  • Winning Advisers are the owner managers of financial advisory firms who typically have £150M - £200M funds under management and between 4 and 20 Ris.  They represent independently spirited firms prospering post RDR.
  • The agenda will examine all aspects of their business, focusing on productivity and profitability, as well as overarching trends within the industry as a whole.  This session is for those firms based in the northern half of the UK.

What's the plan?

  • A Meeting of Minds Winning Advisers is an opportunity for you as a CEO or MD of a substantial and independently spirited financial advisory firm to work through a set of strategies crucial to the ongoing success of your business.
  • In total we will field approximately 70 participants.

Setting the scene

  • One to one meetings will be held with each participant to establish an understanding of your business, key issues, concern and views of the future. What we learn will be fed into the Discussion Document.
  • In addition, we also carry out a substantive quantitative research exercise - The Scene Setter Research. This is a combination of both current and ongoing issues so that over time we can track industry trends.
  • The responses are analysed and published in full and are incorporated into the Meeting's agenda to ensure it is truly dynamic.
  • The objective is to ensure that the day is spent looking forward rather than labouring the status quo.
  • Each participant will be able to attend three boardroom style sessions - on the subject matter which they have selected.

The Meeting itself

  • The Meeting will start at breakfast and run through to dinner; an overnight stay is available if necessary.
  • All participants will work from a tailored itinerary produced in advance of the Meeting. This will be accessible either via hard copy or via the event app.
  • The roundtable discussions are recorded but Chatham House Rules rule!
  • External speakers provide short provocative presentations to invigorate the thinking.
  • White Papers - the idea is that the conversations on the day should be set against an informed background so all participants are encouraged to field papers which add value to the dicussions.
  • The event app carries comprehensive information on all participants and their companies, enabling you to be fully briefing on who else will be there.
  • Opportunities for both structured and informal networking are incorporated throughout the day.

The Findings

  • The full results of the Scene Setter Research together with the detailed conclusions from A Meeting of Minds Winning Advisers are published as The Findings - and where action points have been identified - follow up activities will be put in place. 

Participation at A Meeting of Minds Winning Advisers is by invitation only and free to attend. If you would like to join us, do please either click the button or call the team on 01483 862698, we would love to hear from you. 





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  • Chris Albert

    Chris Albert

    Founder & Chief Engagement Officer, Cingulum Ltd

    Chris is a commercial and motivational international executive with a passion for the implementation and success of major change initiatives, organisational design and engagement, leading to positive organisational convergence. His focus is on aligning people strategy, business strategy and organisational culture, values and purpose. He has a passion for implementing and facilitating positive change from the inside out. A lateral and strategic thinker, with a fresh approach to tired problems, Chris is good at challenging constructively in order to achieve a more efficient, effective and engaging environment. He was chosen by Debretts - People of Today, as one of the UK’s most influential leaders.

  • Robin Powell

    Robin Powell

    Journalist, content marketer & financial educator

    Robin is an experienced broadcaster, brand journalist and content marketing consultant. He is passionate about helping organisations to harness the power of the media - both traditional media and new media - to promote themselves, protect their reputations and to disseminate knowledge and ideas. He has 14 years experience as a news reporter and documentary maker for ITV Central and network ITV News and ITV Sport. He went freelance in 2005, and spent seven years working mainly for Sky News and for The Politics Show on BBC1. Now an Executive Director of Ember Television, he makes high quality content for broadcasting and the internet. Chris is also Executive Director of Regis Media, which provides content, PR, media training and social marketing for financial advisers and wealth managers.

  • Dave Birrs

    Dave Birrs

    Founder & Editor, Open For Ideas

    Dave is obsessed with creativity - what it is, where it comes from, its role in history, its place in our future, what makes some people more creative than others - and this obsession finds its way into almost everything he does. His main role is running and editing Open for Ideas; an online magazine that's dedicated to clarifying creativity and sharing practical advice to help everyone generate ideas more effectively. He's managed to collect an astounding calibre of contributors from all over the world who look at creativity and innovation from different perspectives. Dave spent the majority of his career in the world of advertising, both as a copywriter and an art director. He ended up leading the creative departments of some of London’s biggest and best agencies, including Poke, McCann Worldgroup, OgilvyOne and DraftFCB. He picked up a number of awards before he left the industry in 2010. You may have seen Dave's face on your TV. He's an experienced broadcaster, writer and director. In 2015, his 6-part TV series The Day Before Tomorrow was broadcast in the UK. He also presented the world's first Virtual Reality history show - Secret Spaces. And he's created numerous online films for himself and others.


Aspire, Infirmary Street, Leeds