A Meeting of Minds Wealth Management and Private Banking

Virtual Event

10 September 2020

A Meeting of Minds  - Wealth Management and Private Banking - 10 September 2020

A Meeting of Minds - Wealth Management and Private Banking - 10 September 2020

  • 10 Sep 2020

    Online Platform - Zoom

    Virtual Event

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Due to the latest government announcement and restrictions that are in place, this event will now be run virtually. Keynotes may be staggered and roundtables smaller but more intimate and all participants will join via Zoom. However the event will maintain the collegiate discussions which drive these Meetings in a safe and engaging way. 


  • Strategic engagement - Share best practice.
  • Meet your peers - Networking at the highest level.
  • Hear new thinking and explore the latest trends.
  • Inspiring insights from external keynote speakers.
  • Platform for change - An opportunity to work through the key challenges facing both your business and the industry, with a view to find collective ways of driving change forward
  • Bespoke and tailored - An opportunity to build your own itinerary enabling you to participate in roundtables focusing on those subjects which matter to you.
  • CPD accredited


A Meeting of Minds is a blended experience:


Geared to encouraging new thinking – typically from outside of the industry. We might have to split the audience here to maintain the smaller grouping. In this new more digitally acceptable world, it might offer us the opportunity to stream in speakers from across the world – which does broaden the scope.


Small facilitated groups addressing a carefully researched agenda. The whole day is Chatham House and therefore participants are able to speak openly and freely. On the day, the roundtables take place in a private room with, typically, some 10 - 15 people around the table. It might be necessary to invite people to join in via Zoom – we are all experts now.


Scheduled Zoom meetings and breakout rooms to ensure you are able to achieve that crucial time developing new ideas and establishing new business relationships. 



In summary, your time is precious and our goal is to ensure that if you spend it with us, you spend it in the company of your peers, you address the subjects which matter to you, and all in a time efficient manner.


  • This event will bring together the Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and Heads of Private Banking and Wealth Management - those who set the strategic direction for the business; and the Chief Investment Officers and Heads of Investment strategy - those who set the firm's investment strategy and oversee their client propositions.
  • The Meeting is free to attend.


Participation at A Meeting of Minds Wealth Management and Private Banking is by formal invitation only. 

For further details please call Charlie Martin on 01483 861334 - or email charliemartn@owenjamesgroup.com.

To see what was dicussed within thin roundtables click here.


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  • Gabrielle Walker

    Gabrielle Walker

    Strategist – Speaker – Moderator Curator – Author – Broadcaster

    While the world is facing systemic challenges on an unprecedented scale, many of our institutions – both public and private – are trapped in silos, with short-term and short-sighted goals. Dr Gabrielle Walker and her team at Valence Solutions work at the boundaries between these silos. Using innovative approaches to engage and convene high-level players, they broker new cross-sectoral collaborations, help business leaders have fresh conversations across perceived divides, and develop new narratives to enable both longer term perspectives and more rapid collective action on sustainability and climate change. Gabrielle is an expert strategist, speaker and moderator. She works as an advisor at boardroom-level with a wide range of global companies and has covered many different sectors including: oil and gas, utilities, renewable energy, finance and investment, consumer goods, retail, risk management, certification and professional services.

  • Professor Matthew Goodwin

    Professor Matthew Goodwin

    Professor of Politics, University of Kent

    Matthew J. Goodwin is an academic, writer and speaker known mainly for his work on British and European politics, extremism, immigration and Euroscepticism. He is currently Professor of Politics at Rutherford College, University of Kent, and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House. Matthew is a trained political scientist. He received his PhD from the University of Bath in 2007, after which he worked for a self-funded research institute at the University of Manchester. He was then awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Economic and Social Research Council. He was also recipient of an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship and spent twelve months on full-time secondment in a UK government department. In 2015 he was appointed Professor of Politics at the University of Kent. In the same year he was awarded an ESRC Senior Fellowship to examine Britain's 2016 EU referendum. In 2014 he received the Richard Rose Prize, awarded to one person annually for their contribution to the study of politics. In 2015, he won the Paddy Power Political Book of the Year for Revolt on the Right, co-authored with Robert Ford. Since completing his PhD he has attracted around £1 million in external research funding. Since 2008 he co-edited the Routledge book series on Extremism and Democracy. Between 2011 and 2015 he served as a member of the UK government's working group on anti-Muslim hatred. Since 2013 he served his profession as a Trustee and executive committee member of the Political Studies Association, which since 1950 has promoted the study of politics. Matthew is an outward-facing researcher who believes that social science should be as much about contributing to wider society as to social science. He engages widely and has worked with over two hundred non-academic organisations from the European Parliament and National Security Agency down to his local police authority.