The Financial Adviser marketplace


The Financial Adviser marketplace is an industry-wide confidential benchmarking exercise. The inaugural research exercise has now been completed and the results published. The second wave will begin in April 2018.

The background:

Over the past twelve years, Owen James has brought together key influencers from top financial advisory firms through the Meeting of Minds programme to address the key challenges facing the industry and, where appropriate, help drive change forward.  

Working with financial advisers, we have identified a set of metrics which are considered sensible, and perhaps most importantly, accessible and which will enable us to measure adviser firms' pay, profitability, performance and productivity.

The exercise:

The inaugural survey was sent to some 1,750 adviser firms Q4 2016. The outputs have been analysed and the report has now been produced. To discuss these outputs, do please email Evie or call her on 01483 861334.

The key objectives:

  1. To bring together Owen James' client firms as one body to raise the profile of the financial advisory industry.
  2. To demonstrate the financial advice industry‘s important contribution to the UK‘s economic wellbeing.
  3. To provide key insights on advisory firms that will add value to all of your businesses.
  4. To offer the opportunity for individual firms to receive a dashboard benchmarking their own businesses against their selected peer group *; and finally
  5. To offer firms the opportunity to stick their hands up and say they are interested in selling their business. **

* The dashboard:

As an advisory firm, Owen James would like to offer you the opportunity to benchmark your own business against a peer group which you have defined. If you are able to provide the full data, Owen James will produce this dashboard for your individual firm. Obviously all data is treated in strictest confidence. The fee for this work is £500 plus VAT. If you would like to go ahead with this, do please call Evie Owen on 01483 861334.

* The M&A piece:

At Owen James, we are working with a specialist consultant who has been a Managing Director of a national firm, which was then "consolidated". He is keen to pass on his learning to support financial advisory firms keen to acquire or be acquired. If you would like to explore this activity further, do please call Evie Owen on 01483 861334 to discuss.