Keynote Speaker

Matt Crabtree, Founder & Principal Partner - Positive Momentum

At Owen James we pride ourselves on inviting interesting, knowledgeable and inspiring keynote speakers to address our very senior audiences within financial services. 


We do our research first...

When we question our audience as to why they accept our invitation to come to our events, the most common response is that they look to us for a vision of the future. So no pressure then! 


Our events are highly researched, so we are confident of the subject matter and will be able to judge whether or not your area of expertise will fit the bill. 

Our events do take place across the UK and Asia and are typically held at seriously smart hotels. 

So if you feel you have something to say to senior decision makers within the world of financial services, which will inspire, provide that vision of the future they seek, and even amuse, we would be delighted to hear from you. 


If you are interested in getting involved with one of our events please do call Evie Owen or James Goad on 01483 861334 or