A Meeting of Minds - the online kind



In light of the current pandemic and its longer-term implications, we, here at Owen James, have been leveraging our skills in bringing people together for meaningful strategic discussion in an engaging and creative environment: A Meeting of Minds – the Online Kind!

Working with smaller groups, we have translated our expertise into providing the same quality of discussion and business development opportunities provided by A Meeting of Minds – the only difference being – online!

What we do well and what hasn't changed! 

  • Our events are renowned for achieving the desired level of seniority amongst participants. Once the criteria is set, we stick to plan – no dilution of audience – a true decision peer group gathering
  • We continue to deliver favoured strategic engagement, as that is the way people like to do business 
  • We continue to leverage our CRM integrated invitation process. You tell us who you are looking to engage with and we will source and invite them
  • Source and manage external experts: we already have a substantial network of speakers and experts to address a variety of subjects and we can work with you to tap into that
  • We can produce a branded app with all participant details, presentations, white papers, joining instructions etc. 
  • A post event write-up. We capture the highlights of the conversation and produce tangible outputs. Chatham House can still apply

What we are doing differently: 

  • Well the participants have to provide their own food! Very cost effective!
  • The length of time spent online is more limited – we aim for an hour/90 mins - otherwise concentration levels can flag
  • Smaller groups of 15 – 20 participants… people will need to be engaged and able to interact – so larger numbers preclude that
  • Masterful moderation is key. We seek and provide a well-briefed individual who can draw on individuals for the right reason at the right time. 

Other elements the Owen James Digital Platform provides:

Pre Event:

- Establish event parameters and objectives
- Present innovative ideas to bolster client engagement
- Creation and execution of comms plan
- Provide market insight
- Source, invite and manage speakers & experts
- Manage pre-event research
- Host and organise practice run
- Creation of surveys and polls
- Host an event page on the Owen James website

At Event:

Provision of a backup platform
- Full technical support
- Ensure the event is CPD accredited 
- Experienced facilitator 

Post Event:

- Post event analytics and ROI report
- Provision of event recording
- Support with follow-up opportunities
- Creation of digital content – video/podcast/interview
- App stays live for 12 months

If you would like to bring together senior decision-makers from a clearly defined community for an opportunity to engage with you, please get in touch…  we are keen to show you what we have and what we can do!

See our brochure for more details. 

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To find out more please contact evieowen@owenjamesgroup.com or jamesgoad@owenjamesgroup.com