Findings from Meeting of Minds Paraplanning - 25 May 2023

The Context:

Our first Meeting of Minds Paraplanning took place on Thursday 25 May. This document captures the outputs from the programme of the twelve interactive roundtables which took place.

The Meeting of Minds format is a strategic forum organised by Owen James. It brings together paraplanners from the top 100 UK investment companies (FUM >£1b) across both wealth management and advisory.

The Sponsors:

We would like to thank all our sponsors whose financial contribution enabled the Meeting to take place.  The following groups took part in this Meeting and their movitivation for taking part was threefold:

  • To be, and to be seen, as being supportive of the industry;
  • To understand the stresses and strains being placed on the industry and, where possible, respond to them; and
  • To talk openly with these business leaders with a view to ensuring that their businesses are strategically aligned 

The Facilitators:

We would also like to thank our facilitators.

The roundtables are key to the success of A Meeting of Minds and integral to that role are our facilitators. We are very grateful for the help of Caroline Duff (Ammonite), Dan Russell (Fintel), Don Wild, Kathy Ellison (Savanta), Sanna Jordansson, Joe Harris (Alpha FMC) and Leigh Fisher (Door),

Their role was to ensure that the roundtables maintained their focus and to encourage participation from all.

  • Time Investments

The Findings


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SHOWING 1 - 5 of 9