A Meeting of Minds Paraplanning

11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE

25 May 2023

NEW for 2023! A Meeting of Minds Paraplanning - May 2023

NEW for 2023! A Meeting of Minds Paraplanning - May 2023

  • 25 May 2023

    Royal College of Physicians

    11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE

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This Meeting brings together Paraplanners, Analysts and Technical support who work with advisers from the top 200 UK IFAs. Its goal is to address the key strategic issues affecting these businesses and the industry as a whole. 

 The Benefits of Participating: 

  • Strategic engagement - Share best practice.
  • Meet your peers - Networking at the highest level.
  • Hear new thinking and explore the latest trends.
  • Inspiring insights from external keynote speakers.
  • Platform for change - An opportunity to work through the key challenges facing both your business and the industry, with a view to find collective ways of driving change forward
  • Bespoke and tailored - An opportunity to build your own itinerary enabling you to participate in roundtables focusing on those subjects which matter to you.

How does it work? 

A Meeting of Minds is a day long forum: breakfast through drinks made up of a blend of:

  • Keynote sessions geared to encouraging new thinking – typically from outside of the industry.
  • Roundtables – small facilitated groups addressing a carefully researched agenda. The whole day is Chatham House and therefore participants are able to speak openly and freely.
  • Plenty of networking opportunities including a formal seated luncheon.


In summary, your time is precious and our goal is to ensure that if you spend it with us, you spend it in the company of your peers, you address the subjects which matter to you, and all in a time efficient manner.

Who will be participating?

  • This event will bring together Paraplanners, Analysts and Technical support who work with advisers from the top 200 UK IFAs.

What does it cost? 

  • The Meeting is free to attend.


Participation at A Meeting of Minds Paraplanning is by invitation only.

For further details please email johnhall@owenjamesgroup.com


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  • Victoria Humphries

    Victoria Humphries

    Business resilience trainer

    Victoria Humphries is a polar adventurer, three times Guinness World Record holder, mountain climber, marathon runner, author, Bath based businesswoman and a ‘normal’ person. She prides herself on being just your average woman who happens to believe that Anything is Possible if you put your mind to it. Life is full of challenges and we always have a choice – step forward or run away, be overcome by the enormity of it or be brave and step into it. What’s the worst that can happen? Just give it a go! Victoria was a member of the first all-women's expedition to the North Pole and since then has embarked on various adventures and challenges. When not accepting challenges and generally being a little bit bonkers she has spent 25 years working in the education sector as a teacher, governor, Managing Director, consultant and trainer. She continues to work in education and also works with businesses and schools running resilience workshops; encouraging staff and students to use their lived experiences to build their ‘resilience toolbox’.

  • Valerie van Mulukom

    Valerie van Mulukom

    Cognitive scientist

    Dr Valerie van Mulukom is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at Coventry University, and research affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Social Cohesion at the University of Oxford. She holds a doctoral degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and has held positions at the University of Oxford and Aarhus University. Her research focuses on the cognitive science of imagination, belief, and social bonding, examining how cognitive flexibility supports our imaginative abilities, how culture and cognition combine to give rise to beliefs, and how extraordinary experiences invoke social bonding, among other strands of research. Dr van Mulukom has published widely in internationally recognised academic journals including Science Advances, Social Science & Medicine, Scientific Reports, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. Additionally, her popular science work has been featured in i newspaper, Newsweek, Business Insider, World Economic Forum, BBC Future, and the Daily Mail, and she is a regular guest on radio programmes and podcasts, including BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Oxford, and the BBC World News radio programme CrowdScience. As a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, Dr van Mulukom is committed to advancing our understanding of the cognitive processes that underpin human behaviour.

  • Joseph Little

    Joseph Little

    Global Chief Strategist, HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited

    Joseph Little is Chief Global Strategist for HSBC Asset Management and head of the Global Investment Strategy team in HSBC Asset Management based in London. He has been working in the financial industry since 2003. Joseph is responsible for leading our work on macroeconomic and multi-asset research and for developing the ‘house view’. Previously, Joseph was the Chief Strategist for Strategic Asset Allocation and a portfolio manager for HSBC’s absolute return global macro fund, working on tactical asset allocation. Prior to joining HSBC in 2001, he worked as a global economist for J.P. Morgan Cazenove. Joseph holds an MSc in Economics from Warwick University (UK) and is a CFA.


Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE