Will the introduction of a Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage prove to be a carnival samba for the lifetime mortgage sector or the last waltz?

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John Hall

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We are all living longer (hurrah!) but a lot of us have to work longer (boo!) and this will only increase in the future...


  • Retirement Interest Only mortgages (RIOs) only offered by a few lenders
  • This is despite there being a 25% year on year growth of lifetime mortgages due mainly to low fixed interest rates, flexibility and no negative equity guarantees
  • Whilst RIO is not a Lifetime mortgage it is effected by this market


  • Affordability rules by lenders are very strict
  • Lending into Retirement which covers RIOs and Lifetime mortgages is an increasing important but potentially vulnerable market
  • More consumers want to take their mortgages into retirement hence growth in demand for RIOs
  • Advice in this market is critical and there is still a lack of supply in this area
  • RIO market is still immature so cannot determine if demand is led by “aspirational” funding or “distress” funding. Lenders still assume it is the latter!
  • Are lenders still using 20th century underwriting rules to meet a 21st century type of consumer demand?
  • Lenders need to have funding models to support RIOs


  • For 55-65 year olds RIO is usually a better product than lifetime mortgages. 70+ is lifetime mortgages “sweet spot”
  • Some lenders are dipping their toe into the water by offering RIOs to their existing customers to help support their needs
  • More qualified advisors are needed to give lenders the confidence to offer these products
  • Common consensus that this is a product of the future
  • Lenders should view RIOs as medium term loans (i.e. 5 or 6 years); a kind of “bridge” between standard residential mortgages and lifetime mortgages
  • Therefore the group in the main felt RIOs are a carnival samba not last waltz for Lifetime Mortgages!