Walking the tightrope of demonstrating value while maximizing profits – Session 3

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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For the last 10 years, adviser fees have gone up across the board


  • For the last 10 years, adviser fees have gone up across the board
  • What you do for your clients and how do you justify your fees
  • View is that how fees are charged and the structure of the fees will change with downward pressure
  • Advisers need to get themselves in a position to be able to withstand downward fee pressure by being in control of more of the value chain and driving fees down in these areas



  • People are not used to a bear market and how to show thier value when valuations are falling
  • Getting to fully understand your clients better – many different ways such as client advisory boards or speaking to your most difficult clients. If you can make them happy, you can make all your clients happy!
  • How resilient is your business to downward pressure on fees and what steps do you need to take now to protect yourself
  • Articulating the ‘value add’ every year is essential but how do you do it
  • Few clients question fees but that could change



  • Get on the front foot with your clients about the value you add now before we enter a bear market
  • A wide view is that the % charging structure will change but different views on what the end game will look like. What steps are you taking regarding reviewing your charging structure?
  • Understand what your top clients want and manage their expectations as you cannot afford to lose them

Expert: Nick French - Marlborough Fund Managers

Facilitator: Martyn Laverick – Soprano Consulting