Walking the tightrope of demonstrating value while maximizing profits – Session 2

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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Never been a better time to be an advisory firm


  • Never been a better time to be an advisory firm
  • Trying to articulate your value is very difficult given much of what is done is not easily measured i.e. making a client feel safe
  • Don’t assume that clients appreciate all the services you deliver – check with them that the services are what they want
  • Are we a price sensitive profession or not?



  • Getting clients that do not yet take advice engaged with the industry
  • How do we provide these services to a wider market in a profitable manner
  • Do you really know your top 20% of clients and what they really want from you?
  • We have been in a long bull market where annual valuations have always gone up. What will your clients say when you take a valuation that has fallen and shows the fees you have taken?
  • Have advisory firms swung too far away from focusing on investment returns when offering planning services when in fact clients still put investment returns high up on their agenda?



  • Firms need to urgently get on the front foot with clients regarding the value they add to help when falling valuations happen
  • ‘We are not a mass market proposition’ so stop trying to find a way of appealing to the mass market
  • Know what your top clients want from you and deliver it with a compelling experience


Expert: Nick French - Marlborough Fund Managers

Facilitator: Martyn Laverick – Soprano Consulting