Two become one – pre and post-merger best practice and the lessons learnt.

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory


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Expert: Michael Riley, KPMG

Moderator:John Chapman 

 What is happening in the industry with Acquisition?

  • Increased uncertainty.  Remaining in the status quo becoming harder and harder, profits are being squeezed. 
  • Many companies get it wrong (example Perspective) by not concentrating on the background of the company they are buying.
  • Often post signing no one is there to focus on the company being purchased and how it will continue.
  • Important to consider how the owner of the company is going to deal with the transition post signing.
  • Important to have a Post-Acquisition Strategy in place before signing. 

What are you trying to Achieve?

  • Culture – think of the culture of the business that you are buying – what works for them/how to continue.
  • People – think of the team of people you are buying, how will they work together.
  • Going forward – before acquiring a company think about what changes are needed, what should really be focused on?

Be Open

  • When acquiring a company include a deeper level of honesty. 
  • Use a sales pitch that includes your expectations and the biggest challenges.   
  • Understand the objective of the seller.
  • Advise the buyer what the plan is for the first six months post signing and how things will be organised.
  • Be honest and upfront about exactly what your proposition is.
  • If there is any bad news to be delivered – get it on the table early. 

What should be in place when acquiring a company?

  • Recommendation – ensure an External Programme Management team are in place to keep you on track with deadlines during the acquisition process.
  • Discuss in detail at current client contracts.
  • Discuss/look in detail at employment contracts and how to transfer to equivalent contracts in new.