The war on talent, recruitment is hard, so retaining talent is crucial Advisory Distributors

Financial Advisory

24 November 2022

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Expert: Sanna Jordansson Facilitator: Don Wild


  1. Clarifying your vision and values in order to challenge how well you these is a very useful exercise in establishing where behaviours are matched against values
  2. For a future-focussed business, recruiting and nurturing your own talent will help improve the quality and loyalty of staff


Recruitment and retention
A major challenge across the market is recruitment, with many experiences shared. The general consensus was essentially to recruit and nurture your own talent where possible even though this is a longer process, and not necessarily a lower cost portion if done well.

Most firms endorsed this approach, sharing their experiences and as well as exchanging best practice.

Valuing your team and the individuals
The group shared many ideas on how they retained and motivated their staff at every level. A very positive discussion was on how increasing focus on team work, rather than individuals, makes the difference.

Once again there was a discussion on how a diverse workplace was helping individual firms. In most cases this was in the small, everyday work and tasks, but overall, these amounted to a high-quality firm.

Client Segmentation
Again a very interactive session on how far firms had taken segmentation. Particularly in regards to behaviours and values. The normal criteria of age, asset size and complexity are still very key criteria. However, understanding the key behaviours and character traits in many cases lead to greater insights and therefore afforded a more open dialogue.


Key takeaways:

  • The session facilitated and challenged in equal measure in order to help people reflect on their own firm’s strengths as well as take insights and best practices away for the firms they work with