The Great Balancing act, building investment strategies for decumulation

Financial Advisory

14 October 2021

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Expert: Richard Parkin, Managing Director, Richard Parkin Consulting, Facilitator: Paul Miles, Silverback Consultancy


  • Miss-match of regulatory requirements and advice process
  • Is the regulator right to say that a firm should offer both accumulation and decumulation investment strategies?
  • Delegates said the investment strategies are reviewed throughout life, and it is part of BAU
  • Client circumstances constantly change, therefore what is the point of predicting the safety of an investment proposition to a future date, life just isn’t that simple.

Key challenges

  • Regulations vs Advice Process
  • Reconciliation of changing client objectives with the investment proposition
  • Reliance on investment forecasts and market outcomes
  • Client suitability requirements


Regulatory rules are not in line with client needs or advice process