The evolving platform – a 2020 outlook

Financial Advisory

21 April 2016

Financial Advisory


The Findings - Winning Advisers - Tuesday 13 October, 2015 - Tylney Hall, Hampshire

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Facilitated and written by: Innes Miller, Scydonia Wealth

Expert: Mike Barrett, The LangCat 

In this session the shifting platforms are being used within businesses was discussed. Ultimately, it was stated that the platform in its current state will not survive and the format will need to be adjusted in order to obtain longevity.  In addition, it was agreed that both advisers and clients will need more clarity on the platform proposition. 

Headline finding 1:

The platform is dead! Platforms in their current format will not survive.

Headline finding 2:

There is a huge amount of uncertainty for clients relating to the selection of platforms - especially if the platform owner decides not to invest in keeping the platform at the forefront of the market.

Headline finding 3:

Platforms are increasingly a means of distributing investment solutions, with an ever increasing percentage of assets flowing into these – especially where the platform owner has their own investment management capability and range of investment solutions.  

Headline finding 4:

Some platforms cannot meet the needs of DFMs. For example they cannot provide access to investment trusts or investor stocks to the detriment of client needs and the client experience..

Headline finding 5:

We may see more asset managers developing D2C propositions. However, this will be more about retaining relationships with retail investors to build greater brand loyalty. The propositions are likely only to meet a percentage of their needs.

Any next steps?

It would be good to gain more understanding around the uncertainty for advisers and clients.