Attracting and retaining talent to meet your goals: Structuring your approach for growth

Financial Advisory

25 June 2019

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  1. Majority of firms undertake annual staff surveys and some do 360 reviews
  2. Retaining paraplanners is hard as when they get better qualified, they often move on so a career path is key to keeping them
  3. On average most firms recognised the 29-33% figure representing adviser REM
  4. Smaller firms need to be more adaptable regarding pay etc to compete

Key Challenges:

  • Clarity on roles is key and regular reviews are essential to assist in retaining good staff. Millennials often need more regular reviews
  • Attracting younger people into the profession is very important and firms need to work hard to make the jobs/career opportunities look exciting
  • Remuneration structures varied a lot in the room and whatever the structure a firm has it must fit the culture of the firm and help drive the right outcomes
  • Different models of servicing clients with advisers and para planners compared to advisers are emerging (in the USA) in the UK


  • Look at other organisations to see what changes you can make to make your roles exciting
  • Paraplanners are definitely the in demand people at the moment and retaining them is difficult for many firms
  • Clarity on roles, regular meetings/feedback and flexible career opportunities are key in today’s market place.


Expert: Steven Greenfield and Martyn Chapel, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd