Strong Message. Why communication is the biggest strength when it comes to growth

Financial Advisory

23 June 2022

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Facilitator: Don Wild, Wild Ochre Consulting Expert: Vincent Tiseo - Global Head, Business Strategy, Goldman Sachs


  1. Building a strong digital profile is a must for a growing business
  2. Strong relationships will also grow the overall business
  3. The core message is to embrace marketing communication to acquire, expand, retain and improve your clients and wealth

Discussion Points:

To invest in both digital and traditional models and use a ‘blended or hybrid’ approach is the most effective way. Segmenting existing and potential new clients, not just by demographics, but by behaviours, values and lifestyles is critical.

The first step in this journey, is to have absolute clarity on the firm’s own core messaging. Feedback showed that there is still work to do on this across the industry and profession.

Benchmarking your brand will help greatly, to improve its effectiveness. However, there is no perfect solution. The messaging needs to be simple and relatable for the select approach.

Time and resources need to be deployed sufficiently. This digital profile can then to be adapted and honed to be attractive to the market segmented core audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a blended approach to marketing
  • Optimise your current website and modernise your digital profile
  • Create Digital campaigns
  • Embrace all social media
  • This is a journey and we are only at the beginning