Session 2: Some blue sky thinking around digital technology that will be available to us in the very near future

Financial Advisory

21 April 2016

Financial Advisory

The Findings - Tuesday 13 October 2015 - Tylney Hall, Hampshire

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Facilitated and written by:  Rod Bryson, Capgemini Consulting 

Sponsor Introducing:  Ian hood, Fidelity World Wide Investment & FundsNetwork 


Headline finding 1:

Technology is not going away and will impact businesses whether it is through back office efficiency or client engagement.

Headline finding 2:

Each advisory business is at a different stage of evolution and for some it is really difficult to suddenly move from a more mature paper based approach to thinking about the costs and time that needs to be devoted to making it work.

Headline finding 3:

Technology is something where you have to really go for it or stay away from it. New businesses which have not had historic issues around legacy and paper are in a stronger position to leverage technology.

Headline finding 4:

Knowing where to spend on technology is difficult and it is not deciding whether to focus on front end investment or back end systems – it is deciding to invest in both.

Headline finding 5:

Different income groups and businesses have different needs and in some cases there have been experiences that technology is either adapted well or only around 5% of customers use the technology. There isn’t a clear guide; it simply depends on the customer and their level of desire to engage over technology. It is therefore important to maintain an understanding of what the clients wants.