It’s all about growth (Sessions 1 and 3)

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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Is merging/acquiring the best way to grow your client base? Or can you get the numbers through organic growth?


  • Growth is tough.
  • You can’t force culture on people – it takes time.
  • Staff recruitment is key for growth.
  • Industry awards are a good recruitment tool.
  • “Baking” a good adviser in-house takes 5-7 years.
  • Technology is not a “Nice to have” when growing rapidly.
  • You have to learn to say “No” as early as possible in a deal that doesn’t feel right.
  • Need advisers that are hunters and farmers.



  • Increase fee income per client.
  • More clients, same number of advisers.
  • Increase number of advisers
  • Non-organic growth – acquisitions.

Expert: Keith Hare – Benchmark Capital

Facilitator: John Chapman – Orion Consultancy