How Far Can Automation Go?

Retail Financial Services

07 October 2021

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Expert: David Wrench, Format14CRM. Facilitator: Chris Shaw, Tumelo

Key Takeaways

  • There was consensus that the process of IT change, particularly around the theory of 'test and learn' was laborious
  • The room wanted more agility
  • The room felt that the timescale for IT change within mature organisations was often 12 months by which time the business need may have moved on


  • David Wrench gave the view that too many IT tasks took too long and seemed to require major alterations
  • He advocated a more agile and faster approach (low code) allowing business to get things done and to market much faster
  • Delegating the solving of problems to smaller project specific teams to develop and create change using the 'low code' process.
  • He posed questions such as 'how might automation dovetail with innovation' and 'what issues do your customers want solving?'

More Detail 

  • It was acknowledged that lengthy timescales for IT systems to adapt to changing business needs was holding back innovation and leading business towards different workaround solutions
  • There was a desire for a swift, test and learn approach but an underlying sense from some that, within the current structures represented, the suggested approach may be too simplistic