How do you convince your clients to pay more attention? The digital journey

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Emily Landless

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Logging on and checking your money is the adult equivalent of shaking your piggy bank. Your clients are very busy and it is difficult to attract their attention.They might log on and check the state of their portfolio - which is good - but can you deepen the connection whilst they are there?


  • Technology is beneficial and vital to their businesses. 
  • However unsure of the future of robo advice.

Key issues and challenges:

  • Understanding where your clients actually are with regard to the digital journey.
  • Realising where you and your business are on the digital journey.
  • Accepting, ignoring or being engaged in robo advice.

Conclusions and solutions:

  • There were differing opinions in the room as to what a hybrid solution might look like ranging from having separate trading styles for a robo offering to simply embracing and embedding the latest technology into normal financial planning practice e.g. the use of a client portal.
  • Technology: As you would expect some were more forward thinking and engaged in the digital journey with clients than others.
  • One firm had actually engaged in a process of segmenting clients in order to match them with the right technology experience.
  • Very little understanding of the opportunities Open Banking offers.

Expert: Caroline Burkart - Scorpio Partnership

Facilitator: Brod Whiting - JoyndUp