How becoming a digital advisory business can enhance your client experience and deepen your relationship with them as well as support productivity

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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Robo and Digital are very different things.


Robo and Digital are very different things. The pressures for becoming digital are:

  • Regulatory
  • Operational efficiency
  • Investors are on a journey from Advised to Advised/Robo to Robo
  • Onboarding of clients needs to become digital
  • Make sure your technology suits the service your clients want
  • The Robo models that have succeeded have done so by converting existing customers and not in attracting new customers
  • The hybrid models of Robo have been successful and therefore IFAs are ideally positioned should they introduce a digital solution to complement their existing business
  • Parts of the advice process lend themselves to being automated
  • There is no truly digitalised solution in the UK yet
  • A digital experience needs to offer more than just a product
  • It is recognised that there would be a lower cost to providing a digital solution
  • Behaviours are changing


  • When should you make the investment to incorporate more digital into the business?
  • Cost of implementation
  • Pain of switching technology, particularly back office systems
  • Trusting that the technology will be relevant in the future
  • How to deliver two types of service
  • The definition of a ‘Digital Solution’ and of ‘Advice’ is not consistent


  • If you don’t make a decision to become more digital now, you will get further and further behind the service offered by your peers
  • Look towards modern technology that has good integrations and can support your business in a post RDR world now and in the future
  • Implement technology that can be bespoke to your business
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of DATA and the power of having one truth
  • Digitalisation should be encouraged, it will create efficiencies to improve profits, but also it will enable employees to do the tasks that they enjoy and really make a difference
  • Businesses should be indifferent to their advice offering as long as price and services are appropriately aligned
  • Consideration should be given to providing a digital solution to compliment Advice. Care should be given to how this is introduced to clients
  • We may see the larger providers of Digital Solutions providing white labelled versions to help strategic partners

Expert: Paul Morley – Intelliflo

Facilitator: Paul Miles – Silverback Consultancy