Going virtual - Building a hybrid digital-advice proposition to target HNWs

Financial Advisory

21 April 2016

Financial Advisory


Sponsor introducing: Imre Rokob, Dorsum Co. Ltd

Facilitated and written by: Innes Miller, Scydonia

The internet and digital tools are transforming the provision of financial advice in the same way online stores revolutionised music sales.  With the rise of the virtual advice market – where advisers communicate with clients via telephone, video conferencing and digital tools – how do you plug and play into the revolution? A particularly urgent question considering how the number of HNWI customers and AUM of HNWI customers is increasing by 7% per year in Europe.

Headline Finding 1:

Client acquisition for a digital only proposition is difficult and expensive.

Headline Finding 2:

The advice industry needs to offer something different to attract clients. It needs to be made fun and engaging.

Headline Finding 3:

Gathering, interpreting and acting upon data will be key to delivering a personalised and engaging end client experience.