Forecasting the future: what will your business look like in 2021?

Financial Advisory

21 April 2016

Financial Advisory



capgemini.jpg  carmignac-resized-new-logo-10-5-16.pngJust Retirement

Facilitated and written by: Rod Bryson - Capgemini
Dave Robson, Carmignac & Damien Conway - Just Retirement

Headline Finding 1:

Key is control of assets; those closest to the customers in the value chain are in the most powerful position.

Headline Finding 2:

How you articulate value is key to customers; fund managers in a challenging position, they are a commodity.

Headline Finding 3:

Technology will play a key role to help advisers deliver and monitor that they are delivering customer outcomes.

Headline Finding 4:

For the future, advisers need to be agile, segment properly and understand that they need different propositions for the areas they want to play in.

Headline Finding 5:

Different distribution models will exist.

Headline Finding 6:

Obviously a customer focused proposition is essential – all propositions need to deliver value for the client – to do that we need to understand what clients value.