Digital financial communication, planning & shopping. Combining the entire adviser experience on a single integrated platform

11 November 2021

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Expert: Mark Trousdale, InvestCloud. Facilitator: Paul Miles, Silverback Consulting


Ways in which a lack of data, functional or experimental integration can harm a business

  • Poor CRM
  • Poor integrations
  • Poor data input
  • Poor data structure
  • Looking to make tech better
  • Too much data
  • Client portal

Key Challenges

  • There are major issues with the quality of data 
  • Integrations with other technology are poor
  • Client communications - multiple ways to enter client data leading to poor client experiences, no client portal, digital proposition not on brand, etc
  • Incomplete client planning leading to outputs that are incorrect and difficult for clients to understand
  • Inability to easily search for financial products to fulfil client plans


There is a desperate need to clean and maintain data to enhance client experiences

  • With so much tech available, integrations must work to make businesses more efficient
  • When using data, think about what the client wants and make sure the client experience is based on that
  • Ensure data is available on mobile devices.