Clients of the Future. How to be more perceptive and receptive

Financial Advisory

24 November 2022

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Expert: Marie-Laure Humbert, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Facilitator: John Chapman: Catalyst Partners Ltd


  1. IFA’s and Wealth Managers need to focus more on women clients and women financial planners
  2. 69% of assets are likely to be inherited by a woman, either spouse or child
  3. 60% of the UK’s wealth is expected to be in women’s hands by 2025
  4. 16m women are in the UK workforce and more women are now progressing into senior, higher skilled jobs
  5. 72% of women in the UK feel that they are not understood by the finance industry


Today’s advisers are faced with rapidly changing industry dynamics and need to involve their strategy by addressing the following forces simultaneously:

Technology – Advances in technology fundamentally change client engagement.

  • Risk management and client expectations – diagnostic enhancements in portfolio construction and asset class adoption.
  • Demographics and target markets – an increased focus on connecting with heirs as assets move across generations.
  • The democratisation of the investment solution – evolving demand around new products, solutions and investment services.
  • Regulation – Industry regulation impacts fees, pricing models and transparency.

Demand for Private Assets is rising.

We have traditionally seen demand for Private Assets in the UHNW (>£10m) and HNW (£1m-£10m) sectors but, increased demand in the next 3 years will increase substantially within the Affluent (£250k-£1m) sector.

The majority of attendees have already seen evidence of this change due to more classic sector returns of around 5% not providing the returns expected by clients, while the Private Asset class has the potential to produce significantly higher returns at less volatility.

Intergeneration wealth transfer is key for IFA’s.

72% of women who receive an inheritance will move advisers.

On average, it takes 6 weeks for an adviser to learn of the death of a client.

Lockdown and the development and acceptance of online client meetings has made it easier to include spouses and families in client meetings.

The opportunity to develop relationships across the generations has been improved.

Key takeaways:

  • IFA’s need to nurture women clients as they are/will be more valuable than men
  • Women are twice as likely to refer their adviser than men
  • Women are also more loyal to their advisers than men. This is because:
    • Women value relationships, so gain introductions from a trusted friend or colleague
    • Women prefer to compare and contrast
    • Women tend to select the option that connects to what they believe they personally need
    • Women tend to consider – is it worth it?