Building business models that will thrive in a post-MiFID II world. (All 3 sessions)

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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We all know the need for advice is growing but advisers are struggling to deal with the volume


  • Building business models that will thrive in a post MIFID II world. The need and demand for advice is growing, but how can we service the masses and more clients when the cost of servicing is also increasing?
  • 50% of clients will be over 50 by 2020
  • How can you engage with next generation clients?
  • Managing CIP in-house – pros v cons – costs and risks
  • Has MIFID II influenced how business owners structure their business?
  • Is technology playing a more significant role in keeping clients updated and engaged?
  • How has MIFID II impacted the way advisers work with new and existing clients?
  • How are you segmenting clients?


  • Pension freedom has changed the way customers engaged more than MIFID II
  • More administration involved in servicing clients – technology is helping but not enough time to serve all clients
  • Productivity levels are increasing but profit margins are down – fixed overheads including additional staff are biting
  • PROD rules are also impacting amount of administration on serving clients
  • Firms considering outsourcing CIP as the costs and risk to client are increasing
  • Hybrid CIP arrangements with DFM’s starting to be more common
  • Business/investment specialists play active part of the investment committee as opposed to running money in-house
  • Volume of business via Model portfolios starting to grow
  • Pure fee models still the exception – slow transition post RDR


  • Increase client retention through developing an improved experience – create differentiation factors!
  • Review viability of existing model – where are the profitable client segments
  • Identify areas where technology can deliver efficiencies in process – gift of time!
  • Mapping the processes to make marginal differences
  • Review service proposition as to where clients see value
  • Investigate ways to attract and retain next generation clients

Experts: Dave Fewtrell and Paul Lanigan

Facilitator: Dave Edwards – Esperto Business Solutions