AI based planning, the emperor's new clothes or the real deal?

Financial Advisory

23 June 2022

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Expert: Samantha Christopher - Head of Proposition, Strategy, Growth, Fidelity Adviser Solutions Facilitator: Paul Miles, Silverback Consultancy (substituted because of illness by Steve Boucher, Fidelity)


AI has the ability to:

  1. Provide valuable integrations
  2. Improve the quality of client data
  3. Help with client engagement
  4. Take away the ‘heavy lifting’ of report writing
  5. Reduce risk

Discussion points:

The way in which AI can help a business includes client experience, scalability as well as enabling a different level and quality of advice. However, current experiences are varied and the lack of understanding of what the client wants is a key challenge.

AI could also ensure modularity, trust, empathy, and judgement as well as facilitate the intergenerational wealth issue.

Other areas it could help with include servicing legacy and/or small clients but all the above requires the acceptance of AI efficiencies.

Key takeaways:

  • Integration to other systems is paramount
  • There is a need to clean and maintain data in order to enhance client experiences
  • With so much tech available, integrations must work to make businesses more efficient