Achieving Digital Intimacy to Create Devoted Customers and Advocates For Your Business

Retail Financial Services

John Hall

Bank and Brand Distribution of Retail Financial ServicesRetail Financial Services

Three things are key – trust, personalisation and culture


Three things are key – trust, personalisation and culture. Got to be clear about the value trade off and what customers really want from you. Understanding the data points and emotional elements are critical. Successful experiences like Amazon are about delivering the service efficiently. Being authentic and building trust by adding value although this may include where you highlight other options from competitors. Building a community, engagement tools generally, such as Monzo and Vitality, are great examples of building advocates.


Key Challenges

Integrating systems to provide a multi-channel experience. Data – understanding really what embraces want, often they won’t know. Brand new technology is not always the answer, it’s about being clear about how your customers want to engage with you rather than simply building an app. Sustaining intimacy over a period of time. Big banks are challenged to be authentic but hold client trust. Apathy is powerful and clients will stay even when the service is poor. Achieving digital intimacy is possible but requires the right focus and culture.



Great examples but people like Alipay have scale which is potentially challenging to the core banking market due to value exchange. This is an ongoing challenge, aligning and understanding the data is key but to appreciate how customers want to engage in the way they wish to engage. No perfect models but serving together an integrated and engaging experience is key to building intimacy. Being able to personalise the experience and build trust with customers is key. More banks which drive improved digital intimacy will emerge and there will be over supply potentially. Over the long term consolidation is likely by large more established companies but in the meantime different propositions aimed at varying parts of the market will emerge.