A Meeting of Minds: The Leadership Survey Findings - June 2016

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The Leadership Survey was completed by CEOs & CIOs in private banking and advisory distributors firms within the Owen James Meeting of Minds community. The survey aimed to form a view of the biggest challenges leaders are facing and how those are being tackled in their organisation.

 What are the main leadership challenges facing your organisation?



What are your personal leadership challenges? 





How effective is the board at utilising time?


Specific comments: 


If you could change one thing to make the board more effective what would it be? 



When you were first appointed to the board, what were your most daunting challenges?


What has been the best leadership development you have received to help you succeed in the role?


  What are the most effective boardroom behaviours you have experienced?


 What are the most damaging boardroom behaviours you have experienced?


 CEO/CIO development path


Most CEO’s/CIO’s described their development path provided by their organisation to prepare them for leadership as non-existent

Roughly half of the CEOs/CIO’s received executive coaching once they had reached the leadership role with the other half describing being thrown in the deep end with no external help

Route to become CEO/CIO



The Leadership Survey was conducted by Owen James in partnership its leadership development specialist, Paradox.





This data is copyright of Owen James Group and Paradox and its contents must be kept confidential and cannot be passed onto any third party for any purpose. Please do contact charo@paradox-partners.com if you have any questions about the findings.