A masterclass in understanding the different potential offered by AI, RPA, big data, machine learning, the Cloud and Voice.

Financial Advisory

15 October 2019

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We live in a tech savvy world


  • We live in a tech savvy world
  • Clients can be affected by other brands, ie Google, Tesco, etc
  • No one really knows how many jobs will be taken by AI
  • BUT every job will have some form of automation
  • It is already part of our lives – train tickets, costs are examples
  • Human contact is now seen as a premium service
  • Data is the new oil, arguably more important
  • The elderly use voice activation more than the young
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking the elderly do not use the internet
  • Customer experience is now more important than price
  • Is your technology for you or your client?


  • Knowing which technology is best for your business and clients
  • Joining up systems to support processes and become more efficient
  • Cost of implementation


  • Human contact is now seen as a premium service
  • No clarity re AI replacing jobs as the many papers written on this subject differ
  • Most people use the Cloud but make sure you also have a back up
  • Use technology to optimise processes

Expert: Alex Sbardella - GDR Creative Intelligence

Facilitator: Paul Miles – Silverback Consultancy