Let’s talk the customer experience (CX) – do you ask them what they think? Do you actually do anything about the feedback?

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory



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Expert: Adrian Price, Vouched For

Moderator: Ghilaine Chan, Chan & Co

Headline 1:

  • Trust is the best service proposition. Everything else stems from it.  

Headline 2:

  • Building relationships based on this trust allows you to give the customer what they want and need.  Meeting and serving clients is why you do what you do in the first place. 
  • It allows you to understand your client journey and the complexity of it to provide solutions that are suitable for them
  • Whilst Service Proposition needs to be defined for regulation it needs to be tailored to the client.
  • Whichever way you capture it, asking for feedback is only useful if you have a plan to action what you hear. Some decided they would stop doing surveys, others have decided to start.

Headline 3:

  • There are plenty of clients out there so competition is not so much of an issue, client apathy is. Understanding why they don’t want to engage is the way to differentiate. This is especially the case with younger (potential) clients.

Headline 4:

  • Technology helps you deliver the best experience; it is not a replacement for well trained, engaged staff. It allows you to add value to your clients with less extra cost (sometimes). It could create the opportunity for customers to self-serve. However, that can take away from the value you add and many clients are specifically paying you so that they don’t have to do it themselves. Technology allows your team to do it for your client efficiently. 
  • Younger people are becoming more impatient than older clients and need to be attracted by getting something for ‘free’ whether that is client technology or something they will buy into.

Headline 5:

  • There is a need to deliver and show you deliver Value. This is articulated in your marketing but displayed using the last 4 items above, to enable it.